Thursday, 15 September 2011

What is wsHttpBinding, Address format and uses in WCF

wsHttpBinding :
The wsHttpBinding binding provides interoperable communication across heterogeneous platforms as well as advanced infrastructure level protocols, such as security, reliable messaging, and transactions.
The wsHttpBinding binding is the default binding in .NET Framework 3.0 whenever you need interoperable communication based on Web services. This type of communication called advanced web service communication.
Address format:
http://{hostname}:{port}/{service location} and https://{hostname}:{port}/{service location} Default port number: 80 for http and 443 for https
The binding based on the HttpTransportBindingElement
 By default, this binding implements the WS-Security specification and provides interoperability with services that implement the WS-* specifications.

It supports the following:
  • HTTPS transport security.
  • WS-Security.
  • HTTPS transport protection with SOAP message credential security for authenticating the caller.
The below list of binding properties that are configurable on the wsHttpBinding:

wsHttpBinding Host Configuration:
The below Configuration information to expose the StockQuoteService using the wsHttpBinding.

wsHttpBinding Host Configuration   

wsHttpBinding Client Configuration:
The below Configuration information to consume the service using the wsHttpBinding.

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