Thursday, 15 September 2011

NetTcpBinding vs WSHttpBinding

 NetTcpBinding vs WSHttpBinding
·         The default configuration for the NetTcpBinding is faster than the configuration provided by the WSHttpBinding, but it is intended only for WCF-to-WCF communication.

·         The security behavior is configurable using the optional securityMode parameter in the constructor.

·         The use of WS-ReliableMessaging is configurable using the optional reliableSessionEnabled parameter. But reliable messaging is off by default.  

·         The HTTP system-provided bindings such as WSHttpBinding and BasicHttpBinding are configured to turn things on by default, where as the NetTcpBinding binding turns things off by default so that you have to opt-in to get support.

·         For example, for one of the WS-* specifications. This means that the default configuration for TCP is faster at exchanging messages between endpoints than that configured for the HTTP bindings by default.

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