Thursday, 15 September 2011

What is Encoding in WCF?


      To transfer data across networks between endpoints by means of a binding, this is made up of a sequence of binding elements.

A message encoder is represented by a message encoding binding element in the binding stack.

System-Provided Encoders:

   WCF includes three message encoders, which are represented by the following three classes:
    The text message encoder supports both plain XML encoding and SOAP encoding. The plain XML encoding mode of the text message encoder is called "plain old XML" (POX).
           The binary message encoder, uses a compact binary format and is optimized for WCF to WCF communication, and hence is not interoperable. This is also the most per formant encoder of all the encoders WCF provides
MTOM is an efficient technology for transmitting binary data in WCF messages. The MTOM encoder attempts to create a balance between efficiency and interoperability. The MTOM encoding transmits most XML in textual form.

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