Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dotnet important Interview Topics

1.       Net Frame work document (Dll hell,clr,cls,cts,http handlers,httpmodule,Jit compiler)
2.       Session and Application Management
3.       Memory management (garbage collection,dispose,finalise,destruct..)
4.       Threading (multi threading)
5.       IIS Related(webfarm,webgarden,Application pool,Application Domain)
6.       Types (Collection observable etc..)
7.       ADO.Net (commands,dataset,Data Reader ..)
8.       WPF white paper (MVVM)
9.       WCF white paper(security,Exception handling ,A,B,C)
10.   LINQ white paper(Lembda expression ,Extension Methods,implicit typing,Object
11.   intiializer,LinqtoObject,LinqtoSql,LinqtoXML,LinqTodataset)
12.   OOPS concepts (inheritence,interface,abstarct,struct,class,modifiers)
13.   .Design Patterns(single ,factory,Adapter..)
14.   Security (Impersonation,custom membership)
15.   Log concept(Enter prise library,custom log)
16.   SQL stuff (Normalization,constraints,Transactions,Locks,ACID)
17.   Data concurrency (Handling one scnarion in any project using Time stamp (or)locking the page)
18.   Deploy ment- (MSI,CAB or Xcopy)

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