Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dotnet Silverlight Important Interview Questions

1.What is dependency property?

2.Describe MVVM Pattern.

3.What are the benefits of MVVM Pattern.

4.What are observable collections.

5.What are actions in silverlight ?

6.What are the new features of Silverlight 4.0

7.What are commands in silverlight

8.What is a XAP file ?

9.can you run a silverlight application in a machine with no .net runtime ?

10.What are the differences between Silverlight and WCF ?

11.What is XAML ?

12.can you use WSHttpBinding of WCF for silverlight ?

13.How is versioning maintained in silverlight.

14.What is APP.xaml file what is it used for ?

15.What are different layout panels available in Silverlight ,explain them

16.What is Story board.

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